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990€/year Exl. tax. *

10 users

50 processings

Unlimited imports

50 audits

1 organisation


50 users

100 processings

Unlimited imports

100 audits

3 organisation


500 users

500 processings

Unlimited imports

1000 audits

10 organizations

Records of processings - ROPA (art. 30.1)
Records of processors (art. 30.2)
Records of data breaches
One click import of pre-documented processing activity
Max number of records of processings50100500
Maximum amount of one-click importsIllimitéIllimitéIllimité
Organizations (Controllers)1310
Multi user
One-to-one questionsVersion annuelleVersion annuelle
Access to monthly compliance talksIllimitéIllimitéIllimité
Awareness raisingIllimitéIllimitéIllimité
DPO training and advanced GDPR trainingVersion annuelleVersion annuelleVersion annuelle
Export CSV of the recordsVersion annuelleVersion annuelleVersion annuelle
Data Encryption at rest
Automated updates
Records documentation storage